How To Use Any Gamepad On A Smartphone

If you’re a gamer on the go and looking for a way to play games on your phone using gamepad controllers without worrying about compatibility issues or touch-based controls, then you’ll want to read this article. We’ll show you the best ways to use your controller with your smartphone so you can get back to playing without any hassle.

How To Use Any Gamepad On A Smartphone

If you don’t have any gamepad to play games with on your PC, you can also follow this guide of how to use your android phone as a gamepad on your pc to make it work.

Do Smartphones Support Gamepad Controllers

It’s not a secret anymore that a lot of people use their mobile devices as their main computers. According to Google, in 2017 more than 60% of all online searches were performed via mobile devices.

A mobile device offers a completely different experience compared to a desktop one and mobile gaming is a serious sport nowadays and we can’t ignore it. Moreover, with the help of this guide, you truly enjoy the perks of using gamepads on mobile phones and gamepad tips and tricks all along.

Fortunately, Android and iOS devices have official controller support, so you do not need to worry about compatibility. You can use any generic gamepad you purchase from Amazon to play your favourite games on your phone.

Meanwhile, make sure that your gamepad works fine and is in sound working condition via this gamepad test before trying it out with your mobile phones to save time. So you can truly enjoy the benefits of using gamepad controllers.

Using Wireless Gamepads With Smartphones

Moreover, it is important to note that Bluetooth gamepads are easy to use with smartphones. If they are compatible with your phone in the first place.

A Bluetooth-enabled gamepad is commonly used with a smartphone. In addition, the design makes it relatively easy to configure and use.

One drawback with these gamepads is that they often lead to a bad user experience. It comes due to loss of signal strength or draining battery life due to the wireless nature of these devices. 

However, this should not discourage you from investing in wireless gamepad controllers. As they remain a practical tool for any player who likes their games with a competitive edge.

Using Wired Gamepads With Smartphones

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) gamepad is a common standard that allows modern devices to connect and use different kinds of gamepads and joysticks.

Moreover, different companies manufacture dedicated gamepads for different smartphones that come with different port types. Meanwhile, you can always use the port converters as long as they are compatible to use any gamepad with any mobile phone.

Using Gamepad Controller With Android Phones OR Devices

The good news for gamers on the Android operating system is that you can use your favourite USB controller on your smartphone with an OTG adapter.

The Android operating system supports the USB HID Class standard which means that all Android devices can support keyboards and mice as well as gamepads. So, if you want to use your Xbox 360 controller with your Android smartphone or tablet, all you need is an OTG adaptor.

What Is An OTG Adaptor

An OTG adaptor is a small, cheap cable that plugs into the micro-USB port on your Android device. Moreover, it provides a standard USB port that you can use to connect a gamepad, keyboard or mouse.

There are a few different types of OTG adaptors available, so make sure you get the right one for your device.

Connecting Gamepad Via OTG Adaptor

Once you’ve got your OTG adaptor, connecting a gamepad is easy. Just plug the gamepad into the OTG adaptor and then plug the OTG adaptor into your Android device. The gamepad should start working automatically.

If your gamepad doesn’t work automatically, you may need to configure it manually. This can be done using the gamepad testing application that came pre-installed on your Android device. Moreover, you can use one of many third-party gamepad configuration apps available at the Google Play Store.

Gamepad Controller For iPhones & iPads

If you are an Apple user and want to get the most out of your games you can invest in an MFi controller. MFi controllers have been specifically created to use with an iPad or iPhone. These controllers are easy to use and they are compatible with both platforms without any problems.

MFi gamepad controller for iPhones and iPads is a revolution for the mobile gaming experience. It will give your iPhone or iPad total control and unleash the real potential of your games.

It’s the best companion to elevate your mobile gaming experience to the highest level. It has an ergonomic design that lets you play games with comfort, precision and accuracy. Its buttons are highly responsive and you can use them to control all the actions on your screen.

MFi joystick has a smooth touch and its button clicks with ease, so you can seamlessly navigate through menus and perform actions without any hassle.

Final Words

No matter what type of phone or controller you’re using, as long as you follow the instructions outlined in this article, you are good to go. What we’ve found is that it really doesn’t matter if you’re using an iOS phone or Android: with a gamepad controller and the right apps, you can play pretty much any game on your smartphone.

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